the norm

The tale began in the year 2009. We are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Thailand. With our 70 workforces, we are the “Digital Agency” who believe in the power of new generation. We believe their challenging spirits and defying attitudes are what shaping the future. Because for us, “Digital” means more than technology, online, modern tools, social networks, number of likes, comments or shares.

For us,
“Digital” is not only internet, mobile,
social network or even IT gadgets.
For us, “Digital” is life.

It’s the way of living.
We believe it is what defines
the life of the future

We believe in something so-called “Effective Creativity”.
In order to create a ground-breaking digital campaign
with the combination of effectiveness and creativity,
we put our efforts on originating ideas that generate
new solutions for consumers while creating new opportunities
for the brand. And most importantly, that idea must
“break the norm”.

We strive for works that solve problems and change
consumers’ behaviors. Our works should not only create
talks by just a viral video, but should also generate effectiveness.
The conversations will transform into noteworthy case studies,
become the reference for the followers and push the industries

the people who
 are crazy enough to
think they can change
the world are
the ones who do.

Steve Paul Jobs

the norm

We have a dream,
a purpose, and
a tale to build.

We are the Moon Shooters. The tale we are creating
will not only last in the next five or ten years. We’d like to set
the new standard of digital marketing industry in Thailand.
We call it “Rabbit 2050” because we want our tale
to be told for decades.

are the missions
we plan to accomplish.

Though it seems out of reach,
if we keep pushing through with
persistence and dedication,
that dream will
eventually come true.

“Every legend
starts with a dream.”

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