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Rabbit’s Tale

CX Solutions

Rabbit’s Tale has made success for more than 100 local and international clients with experience-driven marketing communications service offerings from consultation to execution on business

Digital & Experience Transformation

Focusing on creating a happy customer, we help the business rethink about the way they design their customer interaction, digitize, and transform them.   

Core Services include: Digital experience strategy and marketing solution, Marketing solution design & system integration, Customer- marketing data architecture design

Customer Experience & Digital Solution Design

Based on the emphasis on human-centered design, we help the business redesign the way they engage with their digital customers.  

Core Services include: Customer empathy & experience assessment, Customer experience & journey mapping, Digital solution ideation and activation

Data-driven Marketing Activation & Personalization

With a data-first approach, we help the business transform its customer’s single source of truth and optimize personalized experiences in real-time 

Core Services include: Customer data transformation and structure design, Cross-channel marketing activation , Hyper-personalization and marketing automation

Customer Journey and Campaign Management

Combining our performance-based mindset and our deep understanding in solution, we help the business execute, manage, and optimize their campaign effectively and efficiently.  

Core Services include: Campaign design and execution, Campaign management and optimization, Campaign tracking and data analytics

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