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Allianz Ayudhya
My Health Plus Double Care

Objective / Brief

Generate awareness and consideration among young professionals target (30-35 years old) to create sales opportunity for My Health Plus Double Care, the health insurance that doubles your treatment coverage once you are diagnosed with the serious diseases stated in the contract.

Project Details

Since medical fee for serious diseases is actually as expensive as some luxury items, we kick off by letting our target realize this fact through online film series that parody the YouTuber’s review style. But instead of reviewing the regular luxury items, we provoke target with absurdness by replacing the luxury items with medical related items:
– From watches to patient wristbands

– From hotel room to ICU room

– From credit card coverage to medical treatment coverage

Besides generating awareness through these 3 online films, we also drive target’s considerations with support contents that educate about the insurance terms and conditions under the same parody theme.

3 Online Videos with a set of support contents