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Objective / Brief

Tivoli, the No.1 brand in the coated-wafer market under the URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has collaborated with Ovaltine by launching the new product and would like to introduce the first time ever Tivoli x Ovaltine by synergizing the power of 2 brands and not overwhelm with one another. Moreover, grab and gain consumers’ attention and imprint memorable scenes to create Tivoli and Ovaltine fans’ brand recognition.

Project Details

In 2021, Tivoli collaborates with Ovaltine to launch a new product, “Tivoli x Ovaltine,” which offers a delightful flavor of chocolate coated wafers with Ovaltine crunchy flakes in every single bite—presented through TVC with catchy music with the tagline “Tivoli x Ovaltine กรุบ ฟิน… ทุกจังหวะ” to communicate the crunchiness and deliciousness from this product using a famous presenter from Tivoli, Ice Paris.


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